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Expert Finishes - Restoration and Maintenance

Restoration and Maintenance

For Home or Business

Total Exterior Coating Package

For Home or Business


  • In person inspecting of the exterior for the end of the coating’s usefulness

  • Providing the most sustaining application methods

  • Providing information to alleviate or reduce damaged areas

  • In person annual maintenance inspections and recommendation.


When providing coating restoration

  • Prepping appropriately for the area and existing coating

  • Protecting areas not being worked on against damage or drips during the coating restoration process

  • Applying all coatings according to manufactures directions or recommendations

  • Crew leaders with years of experience

  • Using the coatings best suited for the project

Expert Finishes - Restoration and Maintenance
Expert Finishes - Restoration and Maintenance

Long Term Maintenance Inspection

For Home or Business

Expert Finishes Long Term Maintenance provides you with peace of mind when it comes to preserving your home’s exterior. 


A wood care specialist will perform an inspection and provide you with a recommended coating maintenance procedure.


There is no obligation for Expert to perform any work.


The Long Term Maintenance Inspection includes:

  • Analyze Moisture Contact

  • Inspect finish color consistency and appearance

  • Degradation of the finish

  • Provide information for correcting areas getting high environmental damage

  • Identify areas of mold, mildew, or abnormal cracks

  • Attempt to find areas needing caulk touch up or replacement

  • Inspecting for areas having loose or missing chinking

  • Decks

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